New Jersey Expo & Convention Center 
Appearance Time:
  4/27/2018 -  8:00:00 PM

JerryJerry Rice
Superbowl XXIII MVP
Hall of Fame 2010
Greatest of All-Time
Special Note - VIP and "Catch a Pass" Packages are only available online and are limited.

Helmet / Jersey / football Autograph150Add to Cart
flat / Mini-Helmet Autograph135Add to Cart
Inscription85Add to Cart
Photo Op150Add to Cart
VIP Photo Op / Autograph Package includes (1) Photo Op, (1) ANY Item Autograph and (1) Inscription295Add to Cart
Catch a Pass (Athlete throws a football for you to catch)150Add to Cart
Catch a Pass (Includes Catch a Pass, Football that is thrown to you, Athlete signs the football, Photo Op holding signed football with Athlete)495Add to Cart


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